Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another blog

Our special tree and his hooked piece
Helping grandpa dig carrots

One serious rug hooker

Helping grandpa put up TWO rope swings

His chicken, Nellie (all grown up)

Once again you will have to scroll down and look at the other blogs. :(
We crammed alot of activities in the couple days that Reid was here. Took him to Kansas City on Wednesday and then drove to Pella, IA and picked up another 3 grandchildren. More blogs to come.
We had a full moon while Reid was here so every night he and I went for country walks. He thought that was so cool (and it literally was). The first night we were about 3/4 mile from home and there in the ditch was this little cedar tree, all alone. I have passed it a million times and never noticed it. So Reid and I went back to the house, got the car and a saw and HE cut down the tree. He dragged it in the house and in an excited voice said to grandpa, "Grandpa, we got the best Christmas tree ever and we didn't have to pay money for it!" Ahhhhh.....priceless moments. We decorated it the ole fashion way. He had never strung popcorn before and had a great time doing that. Then we sliced oranges and dried them in the woodstove oven. The next day we took alittle road trip as I had spied some bittersweet in a ditch while on a buggy trip. So that went in the tree. Made a rag garland and added that. Reid thought the orange slices looked like stain glass with the sun shining through them! Of course we had to have paper snowflakes and we both were laughing with each one. He hooked a tree and we framed it in a frame I found in the barn. Short visit but loads of memories. I love you, Reid and we miss you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reid,What a special child you are to your Grandparents. I am glad you are making GREAT MEMORIES together. You have grown so much since I last saw you. Love from Grandma's Kindred Spirit