Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Vacation Ever

On our way to town
Up to date clothes dryer

Maytag at it's best

This is my niece who spent her vacation with us. I finally got some pictures posted for you. Sorry about the two you have to look at sideways. I'm at the library and just didn't get them all turned around. We had a great time with Stacy and hope she comes back next year. This time I will be alittle more prepared and have a few things planned out. She wants to go camping with us and we didn't get around to some of the sights in the area but our days were packed with fun just the same. She loved washing clothes in the wringer as much as I do. What a hoot!
It's cold here and kind of misty right now but we missed all the big snow. Northern Iowa received the brunt of that. I talked to an aunt that lives up there and they had 10 inches last weekend and were expecting as much as 6 more this weekend.
Must run........(just an update, I did NOT get the flu!!)

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Melinda said...

Looks like so much fun! So glad you didn't get the flu!