Thursday, December 16, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham

The Ham
Reid's Nellie

Green Eggs
Upon finding the FIRST green egg you'd have thought she laid a golden egg!! I was so excited! ha ha Almost like coming down Christmas morning and finding out Santa had come. I immediately took a picture of it with the cell phone and sent it to Reid in Nebraska. He was as excited as I was. Nellie finally laid her first egg! She is such a pet and I spoil her with special treats which she now comes up on the deck for! Her eggs are either a light avocado green or a wonderful seafoam/blue egg. When the grandkids from Pella were here over Thanksgiving they saw the green eggs. Their responses: "Wow, now we can have green eggs and ham!". Another asked, "Do the green eggs taste like the brown ones?" Ah, the wonder of children.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! What kids think about and say. It reminds me of the time Bre asked her dad if after cornea transplant he would be able to recognize her, you know since he would have new eyes. Miss you so very much, especially our walks and talks, but to everything their is a season and maybe next spring the girls and I will make it your way for an Iowa adventure!