Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Second group of pictures......

The making of a sand castle
Three fish, two casts!

Serious fishergirls

Does it get better than this?

Girls just wanna have fun!

Girls are gone, grandma rested

Thrift store finds!
Photo pillows they made themselves!

Eye masks they made & LOVED

Serious business...age 4

Flip flops they made...4 yr old learned how to tie a knot all by herself and proudly exclaimed, "I did both shoes all by myself"

Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures posted and I will have to post with more than one but want to share several. We had such a wonderful time with the girls. Besides the "spa day", we pressed flowers and made book marks (lots of book marks), sewed photo pillows (each girl had a turn on the sewing machine), sewed eye masks (scented with lavender), had a movie night (with popcorn), painted, modeled with clay, visited the thrift store for craft material (found shoes and swimsuits instead) and then finished with a grand camp out complete with swimming, canoeing, sleeping in a tent and fishing. Don't think girls can't fish!! As fast as grandpa could get a worm on a hook, they were hauling in a fish. 10 all together and Brenna snagged two at once! ha ha None wanted fish for supper however. They all helped with the meals. The two older girls were given a recipe and they put it together by themselves. I will have them back closer to Christmas so I can teach them how to make candy! Brenna, age 10, is going to be quite the seamstress. She loved to hand sew. I'll have to teach her to embroider. Oh, and did I mention that I now have dreadlocks? Sidney loves to braid hair and I've never seen anyone that can braid as fast as she can. I told her I was coming up to have her rebraid it again as I love wearing it this way. One morning ( early while camping), Brenna and I slipped out to the canoe and paddled the lake. It was priceless. She thoroughly enjoyed the quiet much like myself. We would paddle abit and then just sit and drift and absorb the sounds of the early morning. Talk about "quality" time! Can't wait until the next visit!

Monday, August 16, 2010

And now there are Four

Two more granddaughters arrived last night. We were up until midnight laughing, fixing hair, sharing stories, giggling, talking. Grandpa LaVern said, "Now I know what a slumber party sounds like." ha ha This morning starting at 8 AM we had a Day Spa at our house! Oh my, wait until you hear the details!! A real spa. They LOVED it and so did I. I forgot the card reader so I can't load my pictures but will add them later.
We had candle lights and soft music. Started with facials. Egg whites, vinegar and honey. While that was drying they reclined and had a foot massage. Grandma showed them how to do them. From their it was a foot soak in sea salt. That really softens up the ole feeties. Then the feet were wrapped in bags, after lotion applied and wrapped in a towel. We had a massage bed on the floor. More candle light of course. Grandma has real massage oil and she can give a mean massage. So each girl had a back massage, shoulders, legs and arms. Lots of ooohs and ahhs. Sidney, 10 yrs. almost fell asleep she was enjoying it so much! ha ha We then had pedicures, did our nails and then makeup. Last but not least were the hair wraps. It was 12:30 when we finished up. While the girls were gathering flowers, leaves, feathers and grass for their next project, Grandma made sandwiches for lunch. Now we are in town to post and then to the thrift store to look for materials for yet another project!! ha ha We are having so much fun. Still going to camp, canoe, hike and swim. What a wrap up of summer!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls Rule

We have 5 granddaughters and two of them came to our house last night and already the fun begins! It started at bedtime. No AC at our house so windows open and the girls said, "grandma, what's that noise?" ha ha Those are bugs! The youngest (age 4)decided she did not want to sleep upstairs so grandpa dragged the mattress downstairs for her. Brenna (age 10) promptly told me that she thought God made the crickets and locust to soothe us to sleep at night. They sure put us all to sleep! This morning we gathered a few eggs, took a short walk to check on the sheep and then made necklaces. Oh, I forgot, we snuck a couple animal crackers to Hercules, the goat. I couldn't remember if he got any last night and his daily allotment is two. A quick trip to the library to blog and check out books. Brenna is an AVID reader and she has already found 7 books. She and the librarian had a lengthy discussion about different authors. Amazing. It is exciting to see a 10 year old so eager to read. Will post more pictures as we go as I know there are other grandma's and great grandma's reading the blog. I don't have any more roosters to butcher but we told the girls they don't get out of cleaning the sheep pen! This afternoon we are going to a park to a birthday party.
On the way home after we picked up the girls (it's a 2 hour drive) the 4 year old said "I'm really bored." A few minutes later she was sound asleep. Once they settled in I was upstairs with them. Brenna loves to mess with hair so I sat on the floor and she brushed. "This is fun, grandma. Just girls talking and brushing our hair." Priceless.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You know it is humid when........

1) you get out of the car and think you have suffered a stroke because you can't see and then realize your glasses are fogged

2) you get a new envelope from the box and it is already sealed shut

3) any crunchy food in packages, is soft as soon as the air hits it

4) all you have to do is run your fingers through your hair and it stands up, forget the hair gel

5) LaVern's M&M's melted in my hand before I got them to my mouth

6) you dread every time the dogs have to take a pee and you have to open the door

7) you thought you just got out of the shower but realize that was hours earlier

8) the car's windshield wipers won't keep the moisture off

9) you give your significant other a hug and your arms stick together

10) you think you watered the garden because the ground is so wet

11) sleeping naked is for a reason other than sex