Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take time to rest

That's all I have been doing, resting. Yes, I got one of those cold virus strains a week ago or more. Started out with a sore throat and then the head congestion and cough. One day I think I just laid in bed most of the day and rested! I haven't had a cold in a long time but this one made up for all the ones I missed. And of course I was miles from town and no zinc. Zinc usually lessons my illness symptoms and length whereas LaVern takes lots of vitamin C. During this time I had two of our grandchildren. Sure hope I didn't send it home with them. At least while they were here they kept me moving! One evening we told LaVern we made cookies and because I didn't have enough chocolate chips we had to make do with butterscotch chips. LaVern's favorite is the chocolate chip and he must have made a whiney noise (in fun) about it. Gavin (age 6) promptly said, "Grandpa, you git what you git and better not whine about it"!!!!!
ha ha ha I wonder where he has heard that! LaVern got a big kick out of it.
It wasn't the best weather while they were here so Saturday we spent alot of the day inside playing games. Finally I had to get out so we put on our stocking caps and gassed up the lawn mower. Oh, what fun! I pulled them in the wagon (in high gear) across as many ruts as I could find. They both were back there laughing their little heads off. Now I am resting.

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Melinda said...

Gavin is one smart cookie! :) Sounds like fun - but I'm sorry you're sick! Hope you're better soon!