Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movie to watch---girls!

We have not had what most would call "real" TV in years. No cable, no dish and for a long time, no TV. But upon moving to Iowa we did buy and put up an antenna hoping to at least pick up one channel for the news and weather since we were new to the area. Occasionally we will put in a dvd and watch a movie. We refuse to pay for what is on TV these days. At my folks the TV is on from about 6 AM until 10 PM, nonstop. Usually the Animal channel, CNN or National Geographic. I don't mind NG until they start showing all the predators killing other animals or today it was snakes! So as soon as I knew both parents were down for their naps (sounds like the days of child rearing) I put dad's headphones on a watched a movie. Chick flick and be sure you have a box of kleenex close by. Now I am sure this movie is "old" since it is now on TV but I never saw it. "My Sister's Keeper". I don't usually recommend movies to watch as everyone's tastes are different but this was good.
In the mean time I am so thankful that I brought out some "hand work" (sewing) to do and there is a quiet place for me to go sit while my father solves the world's problems, bless his heart.

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Melinda said...

I read the book and wept. I've not seen the movie - so many times if I like the book, the movie is disappointment. Sounds like I need to grab some hankies and sit down for a tear jerker!