Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Appreciating darkness

Staying at my folk's in town and coming from living off grid, I have realized how much I really do appreciate the darkness especially at night. I love living in the country with no street lights and no yard light just total darkness. I carry a little led flashlight in my special pocket just in case I have to go out at night unexpectedly. Here it is lit up just by all the things plugged in!! For instance, in the kitchen there must be three lights on the refrigerator, then a night light, a light on the kitchen stove, two different coffee makers, the microwave and finally a clock. It would be interesting to go outside to the electric meter and take a look. I would imagine that thing is spinning around even now with everything "shut off".
I had to chuckle yesterday as my father was telling my mother that he read on the web that some guy that has predicted everything that has happened in the past is now predicting we are heading for "a crash". There won't be electricity, food, etc. He said the only way to survive is if you are on a farm. hmmm Dad looked at me and said that I was the only one in the family that probably has it all figured out! He wouldn't have said that a couple years ago when we told him what we were doing. I think even now he thinks the lights are off in my head. Just the way I like it!!

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