Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surprise birthday for a dear friend

Nothing beats a surprise party for a friend, especially if you can keep it a surprise which is just what we did. I called Mary a few weeks ago and told her I thought I would come back to Kansas and surprise my friend Betsy for her birthday. Mary heartily agreed to help plan and pull it off. Of course the birthday was planned for today and the blizzard was forecasted for today! So I came out a day early to beat the storm and we moved up the surprise a day. Didn't know if that was going to happen as it was snowing some yesterday morning. We were sure Betsy was just going to cancel out and then I would have to load up Mary and all the food and drive to Betsy's and just show up on HER door step! ha As it was, she braved the weather and made the drive to Mary's. I was sitting up the road waiting (an hour) for her to come so I could then sneak in behind. Usually Betsy is ALWAYS early but wouldn't you know....you was "delayed". Must be the old age has already set in! Finally the guest of honor was in the house so I snuck around and came in the back door singing Happy Birthday (not very well I might add). Should have been holding the camera ready for the shot when she saw me. Priceless. We had the BEST time as girlfriends do, laughing, being silly, sharing prayer and food around a special little table that Mary had set, of course all the homemade gifts. Then in the afternoon we dyed corn husks and hooked them into a rug. More on that later. Once again I am out here with no card reader so pictures will come later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETSY! One to remember!


Melinda said...

What a fun surprise! and special times! Knowing you - there was much laughter involved! :)

Anonymous said...

It was the BEST Birthday. What a surprise!!!! Fun and more fun. What great friends I have. Thank you both for a day I'll never forget. BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH.