Saturday, June 11, 2011

25+ garage sales, rain and the Amish

I took my nearest Amish friends, Eli and Lillian, to Creston yesterday to the city wide garage sales. We went to the garage sales until there were no more that were open. It rained several times but that did not deter us. Bargains were to be had! Of course we each thought we scored big on each find. For me it was a big box of ice skates (some new) for $2...for the box! I have grandkids who so bad wanted to skate on the pond last year. Reid found a nice tent with 3 small attached windowed extensions. He wanted to set it up in the dark last night and camp out. That is on for tonight down by the pond. For Eli it was pocket knives for 50 cents each. He still has 6 boys at home. Lillian found a like new comforter that she will use as batting for a quilt. Then there was the big box of FREE puzzles! Reid had the time of his life. Eli shared (and was teaching at the same time) stories with Reid about things he did as a child. At one garage sale a young man gave Reid a pocket knife thing that has a small pair of scissors, file and screwdriver. Eli shared with Reid the way to use it and all the things he could use it for. Now it is priceless! At another area there was a small ditch and Eli showed Reid a mud house made by a crawdad. Even I had never seen that before. We ate our packed lunches and continued shopping. Before coming home we visited Walmart. While there Reid wanted me to go to the shoe department which was fine as I know he needs shoes for school. I was, however, surprised when he took me to a pair of black leather tie shoes and said, "grandma, are these the kind of shoes the Amish wear and can I have them?" My neighbors have certainly made an impact on Reid. When we had stopped to pick up Eli and Lillian, Reid shared his Big bubblegum with each of the 8 children. I say children but the two girls are close to 20 and the boys are older also. I guess the youngest would be Monroe,6 and Levi, 10. Anyway, when we got back to their place here came Sarah with a special small little strawberry pie for Reid (she sent a big one home for LaVern). Reid was walking on air all the way home! Not sure if he is going to eat that pie or just look at it.
He fell in to bed sharing with his grandpa all the great adventures of the day! I fell in to bed also.

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