Sunday, June 12, 2011

Puff balls and late night walks

"Grandma?"........(long pause)...."It's almost a full moon can we go for a walk?"

I am exhausted and yearning for bed, even if it is in the teardrop trailer down by the pond with a thousand toads croaking all night. "Sure!" I reply. My energy level was renewed by an eight year old grandson who now knows that at this grandma's we go for late night walks when there is a full moon.

He was so excited and litterly danced down the road. "Grandma?"..........(long pause).........."This is neat walking on a country road with no cars. And you can see thousands and thousands of lightning bugs and grandma?..........(long pause)........How come some look like they are red or green or blue?" Ah, the wonderment of a little boy.

A half mile or so down the road I saw the first puff ball. Yes, I know it is some sort of weed but that doesn't really matter. I call them puff balls. It was only a matter of minutes before Reid and I were headed back to the house. We armed ourselves with cans of hair spray and walked back to the puff balls. "Grandma?".............(long pause).........."How come you know how to do all this cool stuff?"

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