Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another pit

I'm chuckling this morning as I was going to blog about having an 8 year old bottomless pit in our house who is eating us out of house and home. I see (by her blog) my friend Melinda has one at her house also and she described it perfectly. But all of this did get me to thinking about the term bottomless pit. I did alittle research and finally had to use the slang dictionary to find the meaning to fit hungry appetites. I find it interesting how stuff like that is passed on and on for generations. Even more interesting that they now have dictionaries for the stuff! We ate at the Olive Garden after our zoo trip and the waitress asked LaVern if we wanted a kid's menu (upon her seeing Reid) he answered yes. After we got to the table I laughed and asked LaVern how many kid's meals he was going to order to fill up Reid. Not only did he eat a huge plate of salad but the adult size spagetti and meatballs which also disappeared. Bottomless pits.

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