Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Down

This guy was even bigger than the first one! It was all I could do to lift the cage with him in it. He was snarling, snapping and growling the whole time. And I thought he would have appreciated the peanut butter, banana and marshmellows that I left for him!! Caught him down in the barn near where I feed the cat. I have the cat food in a gallon jug (heavy plastic) with a screw on lid. I heard a noise night before last about 9 pm and went to the barn. Two big coons were fighting for the cat food. They had unscrewed the lid!! I chased them out and tightened the lid down. The next morning I found the jug with a big hole chewed or clawed into the side and the food gone. They had come back and finished the job. This guy won't be back! Chalk up one for the great white trapper. Reid is impressed with his grandma trapping two coons! ha ha Will set the trap again tonight as I know there is still another one! Too bad it is summer or I would be skinning these guys! I bet Reid's mother would be impressed with him draggin home a skinned coon! Lions and tigers and COONS! Oh my!

P.S. Click on the link here of Blue Jeans and Cotton Tees and read Melinda's blog about their coon hunting! It's a riot! (I'm not sure our husbands are seeing the humor caused by the coons but one has to laugh rather than focus on the loss of the pets. Oops, did I just say that? I meant farm animals meant to feed us.)

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