Friday, June 17, 2011


Reid will leave this afternoon. Sure will miss the little guy. He and I had such great fun together. Grandpa had his fun too although not as much since he worked during the day. Reid grew alittle while here. Yesterday he went out on the canoe all by himself. I failed to get a picture. I picked strawberries while he oared around the pond. Didn't want to be too far in case of a problem! But he handled everything with expertise and no reminders. Then last night he drove the riding lawnmower around the farm. First gear and no mower running but he enjoyed every minute. I think I have the teardrop trailer packed and Reid's things as well. All of his Cub Scout projects took up the front and back seat of the car!! Reid picked peas, onions, strawberries and a few cherry tomatoes to take home. He and grandpa are going to Minden, NE to the International Teardrop Gathering. He will enjoy the camping and seeing all of the different teardrop trailers tomorrow. I'm hoping that maybe Sept/Oct. we will be able to make a long weekend trip to Greeley, CO. to my brother's. Pick Reid up along the way and take him to the mountains. He has never been there and I know he would love it. The aspens will be turned and the elk down from the mountains. That would be way cool for him. (and us too)

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