Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And so my summer goes

The grandkids are going home soon, their parents miss them! And I will after they leave. It has been great fun every day. No fights at grandma's house as I make sure their little hands and minds stay busy. Oh, and the conversations.
Hannah: "My mom doesn't let me iron".
Brenna: "That's because we don't iron anything".
Gavin: "I want to live with the Amish for 20 years then I will go home".
Hannah: "Do you know what I'm thinking"?
Brenna: "Grandma, I don't want to go home I have 3 books to read".
Gavin: "Look....the Big Dipper but it's broken".
Hannah: "Grandma"?
Grandma: "Hannah".
Hannah: "Grandma"?
Grandma: "Hannah".
Hannah: "Grandma"?
Grandma: "Hannah".
Hannah: "Grandma I'm trying to tell you something".
Grandma: "Okay Hannah, what"?
Hannah: "Oh grandma, I forgot".
And so my summer goes.

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