Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool days

The last two days have been wonderful. Cloudy, breezy, perfect. My understanding is that beginning tomorrow a front is coming that will bring us hot and very humid days. I'm trying to pack as much as I can into these cool days! Then we will spend time at the beach on the hot days. Going to the movie, Cars2 tomorrow night and Saturday night will bring a campout down by the pond. Full moon on Friday!! Take those nightly walks! I have some fun plans for the Saturday night campout. Took some rugs and handmades in to the fair yesterday for the Open Class. I enjoy adding what I can to our little local county fair as it makes it more fun for everyone. We are nearly finished with the Cooking Badge and have started the Yarn one. Brenna is crocheting a dishcloth as part of that. We got the yarn at the thrift store. She does 6 projects for each badge!! Today is Thursday.............LEMON ICE CREAM at the ice cream shop in town! The kids can hardly wait. While waiting to enter the items at the fair the kids stopped at a really great booth that was all about recycling. They were filling in the young couple there about all the recycling that we do. The gal commented on Brenna's necklace. Brenna shared with her that she designed and made it herself from recycled items. The leather tie was from another necklace, the wood beads came off a necklace and the little metal things hanging down are actually from belt buckles. The gal took a picture of it she thought it was so cool. They go to schools and talk to all age kids about recycling and she wanted to share the picture with them. I have a container full of stuff that I gather. Watch the "Free" boxes at garage sales and thrift stores. Then I dump it all on trays and let the kids use their imaginations! With our present economy we should all make the effort to do more of this, teach our kids and grandkids how to do it and not spend money on gifts that they soon forget. Your biggest investment......Time!


DLeete said...

It is so nice that you have the time to do these things with the kids -- I know they LOVE it!!

Melinda said...

I saw those entries - including a Best of Class! Wow! you are one creative lady!

Carolyn said...

Haven't been back in to the fair. I have to keep my hands busy so my mind doesn't think of things for LaVern to do!!