Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunburn or sunscreen?

Grandma said: "I think we need to put sunscreen on your faces, too". Their reply, "No, we don't put it on our faces". Okay............three hours later coming from the beach, sunburns on the faces! They had a blast and were in the water nearly the entire time.

We have a small state park about half hour from here. It has great walking and riding trails plus a swim area with a sandy beach. Lots of camping areas too and a special campground for those that want to trailer their horses in and then ride the trails.

Came home showered, had a snack and juice and now are suppose to be resting before supper and the movie we are all excited about seeing tonight. I think all will be tired by bedtime. I know this grandma will be! Piece of advice: use sunscreen on your face too!

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