Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The heat is on

Today our heat index is to be 115 with a temperature of 98. A couple years ago if I read that I would have shrugged and thought what's the big deal. But of course I was working in central A/C, driving a car home with A/C, shopping in stores with A/C and living with A/C. Oh, did I mention paying for that A/C? I do remember the electric bill which was even greater as I couldn't go out in that heat and hang the clothes on the line to dry.
I can honestly say that yes, it is hot here but not unbearable. I've learned that even with 3 kids I can have enough electricity to power a couple fans during the day and at night. I've learned how to keep the house cool by getting some of the cooler air in at night and then "closing it up" during the day. I've learned we can do fun things to get cool (water slides are great, a trip to the library, a couple hours at the beach, eating homemade popcicles or frozen peaches). I've learned that it is cool in the shade with a little breeze. The screen tent at night is a fabulous place to sleep. I've learned that all of these little things are blessings. My Amish neighbors have no fans, no refrigerators, no trips to the library. Yet talk to any one of them and they are thankful for the weather. The crops are growing, gardens are flourishing and this too will pass. My grandchildren have not complained one bit about it being hot. I suppose because they are either too busy or having too much fun. When you keep their little minds and hands busy their hearts are happy and hot just doesn't figure in.

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