Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Folklore and myth

Folklore: We heard the first catydids (locust) over a week ago. According to the "oldtimers" the first frost will occur in 6 weeks or about the end of August. I was visiting with one of the young men of our Amish community. He said something about the wind blowing over the oat shocks standing in the field, that autumn was just around the corner. Weather folklore but we shall see.
Myth: On the way home from the beach yesterday we had a snack. I won't go in to the details (the grandkids' parents will go in to shock). But let's just say that Brenna told me their parents would never let them eat all that. I fell for it and asked her why. She told me because then they would be hiper from all the sugar and she promptly started acting that way, silly, loud, laughing. Her and I have had some interesting discussions as she is an avid reader and is beyond her years in knowledge. I explained to her that I was sure that was a myth but she should look it up on the Internet. Upon arrival from home (still acting hiper) she did look it up and all the info she could find said it was just a myth, nothing to scientifically prove otherwise. Most hyper activity in kids, especially during a holiday, is not from too much sugar but the holiday itself. It was like Brenna had been a balloon and was deflated. Gone was all the silliness and loudness from the "sugar high". And no, it did not "spoil their appetites" before supper. We had BBQ pork ribs on the grill, fresh corn on the cob and juicy watermelon. Those kids ate like they hadn't a thing to eat all day! I asked Hannah if she had a little watermelon in her tummy. She giggled and giggled (hyper from sugar)!


Melinda said...

Six weeks till frost? Please no! As for your "illegal" snack - I've had lots of fun trying to figure it out!

Take Joy.....Take Peace said...

Something that HAD to be eaten before we got home! And the WHOLE box was eaten! lolol