Monday, July 18, 2011

Long, hot summer days

What to do when the heat index is 107? Water slide!! The kids love it and they get cooled off. We have a nice incline with a "speed bump" in the middle so it is perfect for the slide. The kids were screaming and laughing. Of course the well water is good and cold so that was even better. We finally had to shut them off before the well went dry. The youngest had fun doing the dishes all by themselves. We forget that in today's young families washing dishes by hand is a thing of the past. They all have automatic dishwashers to do the job now. One should really consider hand washing your dishes. These two had quite a little conversation going on and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hannah was quite proud as she got to dry everything, not just the silverware. Brenna is working on her Girl Scout badges every day. I think we have earned 5 so far. That's 6 projects for each badge! Gavin entertained himself with the modeling clay, ie; vocano, airplane, pizza and the above animal. If you have school age children then forget the Playdoh and buy some good modeling clay. We finished out the day camping down by the pond. With no A/C in the house it is warm by evening. So we set up the screen tent and moved our bed outside with the girls in the teardrop. LaVern and I talked about building a deck out by the pond and actually setting up a bed on it with some type of netting surround. After last night I bet it gets put back on the "to do" list. No words for the view! We looked out over the pond and watch a beautiful orange colored full moon rise in the sky. At dusk grandpa and Gavin went out on the pond in the canoe. Now this was a BIG deal! We are talking about a 6 3/4 year old boy who was adament about NOT going in the canoe. I had him out earlier in the day and we finally got past some of his fear. Going out at night was way cool. When it was dark, he and grandpa floated lighted tea candles on the pond. Now that was way cool. Kids must have thought so as all was quiet as we watched all the candles floating on the pond with a million lightning bugs adding to the effect.

Gavin summed it up this way: "Good choice picking this place to live, grandma. It is so much fun!" And Hannah's: "Grandma, I slept good and hard".

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