Saturday, July 16, 2011

Early mornings

I love early mornings and most days I am up in the wee hours. I'm a "morning" person, always have been and always will be. Apparently Gavin, age 6 3/4 is too as this morning (5:30) he is awake. I don't think he would be except a thunderstorm passed around us in the distance but it was enough to wake him up and he is afraid of storms. I guess he and I will go out and check the trap and see if we caught a racoon last night. I'm still trapping and catching racoons.

Today I'll get the mowing done early so that we can get the tent set up for the campout tonight. Later I think grandpa and Gavin are going to work on a woodworking project. Probably should be early on as I think one 6 3/4 age little boy is going to go downhill fast!

The show was fun last night and nearly a full house. LaVern and I thought the first one was better but all the kids seemed to enjoy this one too. Afterwards we went to the ice cream shop (so did everyone else from the show) and had an orange ice cream cone. It was cute looking at three grandkids (2 with sunburned faces) sitting in the back seat licking away on cones. All fell in to bed as soon as we arrived home, me included.

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Iowa Granny said...

Carolyn -
I am Nicole's aunt and have really enjoyed reading your blogs about having the kids with you. They are great kids and I know from last year they love the time spent with Grandma & Grandpa.
Carlene Chebuhar