Sunday, July 31, 2011

You know it is humid when....Part II

Last year I blogged about the humidity but this year has been even worse and for weeks now. So here goes.....You know it is humid when:
1. You sweat so much you give up on the sunscreen altogether.
2. You dream about the frigid winter you were cursing just a few months ago.
3. It 95 degrees and you can see your breath.
4. You water yourself instead of the garden.
5. The only place that feels cool is in front of the freezer with the door open.
6. You nearly pass out just going to your car.
7. Your hair has mysteriously grown frizzy things all over it.
8. Everyone at church seems to be struck by the gift of tears, but it's actually beads of sweat.
9. After 4 hours the librarian knows you are just there for the A/C because you aren't reading.
10. You are breathing more water than you are drinking.

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