Monday, August 1, 2011

Fogs, bees, spiders and acorns.

The Amish say, "August fog blooms winter's snow." To the English, "Each fog in August foretells one tracking snow." Those old weather wive's tales say for every foggy morning in August there will be a corresponding snowfall-the thicker that fog the deeper the snow. I am keeping track of the fogs this year and this morning we had a heavy fog. Two more of nature's natural barometers are spiders and bees. Bees are said to forecast colder, harsher winters when they build their nests high off the ground. And the spiders? Well, they build larger than usual webs before a colder, snowier winter. Walking down to the well this morning I noticed some really large spider webs that we haven't had before. An abundance of acorns also means a cold, snowy winter but I haven't found the acorn tree yet! One thing I did notice is that the sumac bushes along the roads, their leaves are starting to turn! You may wonder why I am telling you all this. Yesterday afternoon we got the $30 log splitter up and running that I bought at an auction a year ago and we split wood. If we have a cold, snowy winter then you can add that to the list of forecasters!

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Melinda said... It was a heavy fog this morning. I hope this is one old wives tale that doesn't hold true!