Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mind over body

I have a 60 year old body but my mind still thinks I am 30. But after this week I am reminded to be humble and appreciate what I can do. I can't can tomatoes all day like I did when I was younger and not feel it. I know that the lawn mower engine is hot when the hood is off it and it has been running. Yet I leaned right in to it and put a bad burn on my left leg which made it difficult to sleep on my side. I know that tin is sharp and I should have leather gloves on when handling it yet I didn't and cut my hand. Try rug hooking with a sore hand that is all bandaged up. Lastly I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor, mostly just under cupboards. Felt great and got the job done. I got the job done alright. 3 A.M. this morning woke up with intense pain in my left knee. It is all swollen up and oh my, does it hurt. I'm not sure what I did, maybe bruised my knee cap but I can't even touch the area just below my knee. I've been awake since 3 and am moving around but slowly. Was able to drive over to my neighbor's and she gave me some salve she made with cloves in it. It helped the swelling and eased the pain alittle. Smells good at least. I'm determined to keep going, mind over body but the ole grey mare ain't what she use to be!

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Melinda said...

My goodness lady - you better take it easy while there is still something left of you! The next time I see you - you better not be in a full-body cast!