Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enjoying a childhood pleasure

Small nest and egg, the nest about the size of a half dollar. (I couldn't find one to compare!) The sculptor is also small in stature, a young Amish fellow by the name of Clemons E. Miller and he is a mere 10 years old. What joy I had when he asked me to open my hand and he placed this little nest in it. My mind immediately regressed to early childhood when my siblings and I made "mud pies" on the farm. Remember the pleasures of childhood? Swings. Opening a box of new crayons and their smell. Cotton candy at the fair. Jumping in a pile of fallen leaves. We should all let go of grown-up complexities and enjoy simple childhood pleasures. I promise you they will remind you of essentials of the heart and infuse adulthood with joy.

So go out and buy a new box of crayons and coloring book and color to your heart's delight!! Takin joy in a little mud nest. Takin joy.


Prairie Schooner Travelers said...

I just love the feel, look and fragrance of a new clean sheet of paper and a well-sharpened pencil! Really lets the creative juices flow!

shi zhan said...

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