Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peach Time

Why is it that the peaches are always ready right in the middle of all the garden canning? Oh well. This morning I canned 7 quarts of peaches, 14 jars of jam and 3 quarts of pulp. I'm going to try using some of the pulp this winter to make peach rollups. Should work great when the wood cookstove is fired up! Tomorrow I get to do this all over again! The peaches are from Missouri and $14 for a big bushel but they are ready like TODAY. No holding these. But they taste so good when winter rolls around. We have had several fresh peaches at mealtimes and this was all from 1/2 bushel. Suppose to be more in next week but I'll see how tired I am then. We have two grandsons that when they were here and I opened a jar of peaches, each boy nearly ate the entire quart jar. No problem having peanut butter sandwiches when they had homemade peach jam with it. I'm heading out to the barn to work on furniture. Was up at 5 and hooked this morning. Wish the outhouse was closer to the barn as I am sure the peach trots will be coming soon!

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