Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The year of the muumuu

Though muumuus have been the subject of many jokes, in warm climates they make ideal comfortable and easy loungewear. A muumuu is a loose yoked dress that originated in Hawaii. Bright and bold floral prints are the traditional choice for a muumuu; however one can use any lightweight fabric of your choice if you make it yourself. I talked to a dear friend of mine yesterday and she said that she was going to have a muumuu party. She is almost finished sewing 8 muumuus! A relative is having a birthday so that started the whole muumuu idea. Mary loves to wear a muumuu in the summer and swears they are the coolest thing there is to wear, so she has declared this the year of the muumuu. I remember my mother wearing them back in the 60's when we lived on the farm. If I remember correctly she identified it as a housedress and it was a shorter version than the traditional Hawaiin one . I'm thinking I need one in homespun fabric to fit my personality because bright, bold floral....NOT. Muumuu........COOL!

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