Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing possum

LaVern went to gather the eggs and before I knew it he was in the house loading the pistol! An oppossum was in one of the hen's nest sound asleep. Out we went to the hen house (I followed up LaVern with the 4-10 shotgun) to rid the varmit. His tail was hanging out of the nest. LaVern steps in front of the nest and bang, shoots the pistol. No movement. "Is he playing possum"? I asked. Another shot and this time movement so I knew he'd got him. LaVern is getting better with that pistol. When we had the sick racoon in the yard last year he shot 19 times and the coon was still sittin up. I'm surprised the oppossum was in there as we don't let the hens out until morning to free range. Tonight I am setting my trap in the pole shed with carrots and am going to try to trap that darn groundhog.


John said...

Did you try 'possum stew?

Carolyn said...

lol LaVern asked me if I wanted to cook him!!!