Monday, October 24, 2011

Red Aurora Borealis

Common name: Northern Lights

8:30 tonight and LaVern was outside. He came running in and told me to quick come outside, forget putting shoes on. The sky above our house and trees was RED. It was amazing! Neither of us had seen anything like it. Millions of stars in the sky and this big red mass that looked like it was shooting up from the ground. We called our neighbor and he said it was the Northern Lights. Not sure if he could see them as he has a big yard light. We called our son, Rainer who lives in the country and he went outside and could see it. Our son, Ross who lives in a big town could not see them because of all the city lights. I think to see red is pretty uncommon and usually it happens at higher altitudes. No matter. The light show at our house was tremendous! Something LaVern and I will remember... and the wonder of it.

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