Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Almost perfect morning

It is raining (I wish it were snow) and we have had thunder and lightning. Suppose to get windy alittle later. LaVern took the pickup to work and pulled the car out of the garage so that both vehicles get the free car wash. I fired up the wood cookstove (with my nifty firestarters I made) and I have the meatballs cooking for Sunday Supper Soup (we are calling it Wednesday soup). Next I will stir up some artisian crusty bread and supper is prepared! Rug hooking is calling me for today. The house is clean and vehicles and trailers all put away. We even got the tin put on the east side of the barn and LaVern put his windows in for his workshop located there. My niece lives in Denver and it is 29 degrees and snowing again there. She said maybe another foot of snow for them. Even my friends in NW Kansas are getting some light snow this AM. We are thrilled to have the rain as it is dry. Best go check on the soup and turn the computer off. Need to watch my electricity usage although tomorrow to be sunny so I'm not worried. Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are at!

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Melinda said...

Can't wait to try that meatball soup recipe! (That was a hint!) Love the free car wash - every vehicle we own needed it after this long stretch!