Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Web cam thought

I just had a great idea!! Surely there is someone back there in Kansas who loves techno stuff that could get a cheap web cam and mount it there at home and then put it on the web so that I can see your weather!! lol How about it, John?? McCook use to have one but I haven't been able to bring it up. Hmmm....I need to go see where there is one close to us! Later. Peace.


John said...

You don't want to see what the weather is this morning here. Middle 30's, light snow, and 30+ MPH winds.

Carolyn said...

I LOVE IT!!! Wish we were getting the white stuff!!

marcia said...

There is a website sponsored by the Kansas Dept of Transportation that has cameras on I-70. I know there is one east of Goodland and my brother in law in wichita knows what's going on here weatherwise better than we do sometime! Let me know if you want the website! Suppose to get 4-6 inches tomorrow nite and Tues! Just makes us appreciate our wood burning stove more than ever as we are so toasty warm!!