Monday, November 7, 2011

steaves, stocks, shocks

Thought you would enjoy seeing my Amish neighbor's shocks of corn. This is the way everyone use to do it and the way the Amish still put up their corn. Last week the scholars (kids in school) had the week off for the fall shredding of the corn. These bundles will be loaded on to a hay wagon and brought up to the barn. From there a shredder will take the corn off and throw it in a wagon and then the stalks will be chopped and blown in to the barn. This will be fed to the cattle and horses. Corn will be used for feed also as well as the cob itself. Interesting to watch the "English" farmer across the road with the huge tractors running through the fields, just after the corn. I'm guessing the shredding will be going strong today since rain coming in tonight. The Amish all go from one farm to the other and help each other shred. Wish I could get pictures of that to show you!

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Melinda said...

Our neighbor has the shocks - but I wasn't sure what he did with them. Interesting!