Sunday, November 6, 2011

Splitting, splitting, splitting

We are using the nifty log splitter that I bought at a farm auction for $30.00. It is run from hydraulics on the tractor. We just have it sitting on the ground and then LaVern doesn't have to pick up the really big logs. So far it is working great, even on the BIG oak chunks that we have. As you can see from the above picture we still have plenty of wood to split! LaVern is really "in to" splitting the wood. I sit on the tractor and run the lever and he lines up the wood to be split. He looks the ends all over and then just places it so. I push the lever that moves the splitter and CRACK, nicely split wood. He said it will be dark now when he gets home from work but we could fire up the Coleman lantern and cut a pile tomorrow night. The man just loves splitting wood! It's kind of boring for me but I do like the stacking part!

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