Friday, January 27, 2012

Howling coyote

We have been sleeping upstairs (I'll blog about that later) but last night we slept in our bedroom downstairs. 3:00 AM I heard somewhat of a growl. At first when I woke I thought it might be a visiting tomcat but when I heard it again I knew it wasn't. It even woke LaVern up. I silently creeped across the living room to the front door. Silently is probably not the best word to describe the walk on the wood floors that creaked with every step. I look out the front door window and right off our porch by the steps is sitting a coyote....a big coyote. I have no idea why he was there other than we have 3 half grown kittens that sleep on the porch in a box. I watched and the next thing he sat there and let out a low long howl. Creeped me out! I thought about going after a gun but figured he'd hear me for sure so I opened the door to let out my own howl but in a flash he took off. I would not have had a chance to shoot if I wanted to. Never thought I'd see one that close to the house. Next time I may forego opening the door and shoot him through the glass!! Howwwwwwwwwllllllllllll

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cynthia said...

Maybe your howling would be enough to make it believe that you're the "alpha dog" - maybe that would make him stay away. Keep howling!