Thursday, January 26, 2012

The wonder of nature

This morning there was a heavy fog and the pavement was slick. I had an Amish crew to take to their job. We drove slow and ended up crossing country on gravel roads. Beautiful drive I hadn't been on and oh the wonderful scenery and the wildlife that we saw! As the fog lifted and the sun was trying to peek up we enjoyed the sights. Saw a large group of turkeys out on a hill and further down the road a big bald eagle flying with a group of crows! One of my riders mentioned he saw several owls. He wasn't sure what kind but they had the tufts or possibly horns on top of their heads. After I left them off I just started onto the road and 7 bucks came across in front of me. They were separated by quite a bit so I just stopped and watched each one race across the road and jump the fence on the other side. Oh, to have a camera with me. I must remember to take it along in the mornings because just like the bobcat under the bucket, you never know what you might see! The early morning fog itself was worth the drive!

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John said...

The wonder of God,s beauty!