Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My new chair

New "chair"

"Old" chair

Out with the old and in with the new. Right? I have replaced the recliner with a recumbent bike. Borrowed the bike from one of the sons, it was in their garage! I like it! Much easier on the back. New Year's resolution? No, just an accountability to myself and a niece. Over Christmas I overheard one of LaVern's nieces telling her sister she wanted to lose 30 pounds before spring break. (swimsuit issue, I would guess) Anyway, I told her why didn't we both go at it and encourage each other on Facebook. I have 80 pounds to lose so the "challenge" was on! lol Both of us are very competitive and that is a positive for me. Other positives for me: age, experience and the great outdoors that I love to be in. Negatives for me: age, bad knees and hips, 80# to lose. She is young (late 20's), lives in a city right across the street from one of those big gyms! lol However, she is going to college and works part time and that is HARD to balance especially where meals are concerned. So easy just to "grab and go" and that is tough. We are both giving up sugar and flour. Have you ever tried that? EVERYTHING has sugar and most things we love to eat include flour. But I am finding recipes that work and sharing with her. She also lives close to a Whole Foods grocery store. We stopped there on the way home and I bought several things to try. Got some organic brown rice that is yummy and very reasonable. My biggest weakness would be breads, pasta and Mexican food. I found some spagetti made out of rice...........not rice flour....just rice. Can't wait to try it.

LaVern is moving around a little today and that is a good thing. He says he feels better. Back to chiro tomorrow. I'm heading out for a walk! (will be thinking of my walking partners back there in Oberlin.....get out and walk girls!)


Anonymous said...

wow- good luck with the diet -- I can NOT imagine eliminating sugar AND flour, gulp! I love bread. oops! Glad you've had good weather for walking. :) Marie

Carolyn said...

I LOVE bread also. My biggest weakness would be bread, Mexican food and spagetti. I have found a replacement for the spagetti and am still trying to find corn tortillas made from just corn and not corn flour. An effort so sure but after 6 days I am already feeling the difference!!