Monday, March 12, 2012

Four rugs finished!

Hard to see in the picture but the little round circles are quillies (I think that is what they call them!). They are little rolled circles of wool strips, the two orange ones are antique paisleys.

Small mat, design by my friend, Betsy. That's my foot at the bottom of the photo! lol

You have some new wool and can't wait to wash it to felt it. Things get busy at home and you forgot to check the wool in the washer. felted WAY too much and is very thick. What to do? Either cut it in small strips (I am a wide strip hooker) or use it for the binding which I love doing.

Okay, this is an eagle. He is just primitive. When I designed the rug I wanted something to depict the 13 colonies, hence the 13 stars. Then since we were a new country I made the eagle new or young. Young eagles do not have the white on them hence the dark eagle! This is a wide strip rug.

Lastly a penny runner. These look great on a primitive table. Mine is there right now with a primitive rabbit keeping watch over the eggs! More rugs in the works and some needing finished so I best get moving. I am actually upstairs spring cleaning the grandchildren's bedroom as school will be out before I know it and then busy, busy summer! Take joy.

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Melinda said...

Once again you amaze me with your creativity lady!