Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weather rock

Our local weather person reported that today would be sunny with a high of 79. Hmmm I'm missing the sunny part. This is not a good thing because I started the oven early, the gas oven since I assumed it was going to be too warm to fire up the wood cook stove. LaVern likes me to wash clothes, vacumn or bake early and then the batteries will have all day to fully charge again. I have a gas stove BUT it has an electronic ignite and that drains electricity. We were really surprised at how much it uses, ALOT. We are watching for an old style gas stove (one I will light with a match) and will replace this new one with that. Anyway, no sun and the meter is ticking down! The positive side is LaVern will have Cinnamon Scones and Range cookies for his lunch the rest of the week!! In the mean time, I am going to put up a weather rock.

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