Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three state run

I went after bees yesterday with some Amish friends and ended up in three states, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri! We came home with not only 3 swarms of bees but also two week old bottle lambs, 50 assorted 2 week old chicks, 1 buck rabbit, a Maytag wringer washer, belt sander and a nylon neck rope for a buggy horse. What an enjoyable day! Good conversation and many, many laughs. The honey locust trees are in full bloom, the Missouri river is up high, blue martins are back, wild raspberries are blooming and the gooseberries are about pea size. We saw a black squirrel and I learned a couple new words in German. An enjoyable day indeed. Came home to find a new rug hooking frame that I had ordered had arrived. Can hardly wait to try it out. I am heading out the door this morning to go to the open house of an Amish greenhouse just south of us. Their plants and flowers are awesome and I have a couple planters I want to fill. Then back home to start sorting through furniture in the barn for the flea market/antique show coming up in Sparks, KS. Discarded treasures that will be valued by someone else. Take joy.

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