Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cutting it close

I wanted a neutral plain background for this rug and when I laid it out I thought it should be enough.  Oh, my, it was close!  Those few little pieces at the top of the rug was all that I had left.  As I neared the end I thought for sure I was going to have to "make do" and just put something else in but just had enough.  Cut in a 9 again so very "prim".  PC doesn't show the colors well.  I was hoping for something muted and not many colors.  Trying to get that "early" look where they didn't have alot of wool to choose from.  At least the "plains" women wouldn't have had much.  I think the women of wealth on the east coast hooked with more variety and you see a lot of traditional rugs from there.  I know I'm not there yet but eventually I want a "make do" with what you have look and simple patterns.  Learning more as I go along and that is what's fun.  I am packing for the Sparks, KS flea market/antique show that starts Thursday.  Great show and I enjoy the crowds, my dealer neighbors and camping out.  Pictures when I get home.  Oh, have something else to show so will go take a picture and get it posted.  :-)

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