Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sheep Shed affirmation

I believe that we are continually affirming subconsciously with our thoughts and words and that this flow of affirmations is creating some of our life experiences in every moment.  The idea of the Sheep Shed was affirmed (physically) for me with this print.  Wait.  Let me back up and tell the whole story.  Twice a year I take part in the antique/flea market show in Sparks, KS.  I have a 20x30 booth and I take two Ezy-Up tents.  These tents are NOT easy up but they are, for the most part, rain proof.  Unless you have a downpour rain and then the east half of my booth space is ankle deep in water.  Ugh.  Not a fun thing to deal with and it takes several hours for the water to leave.  But I love this space and my neighboring vendors so I really want to stay there.  I now have lots of repeat customers also so moving wouldn't be in my best interest.  LaVern ususally stays home and works the first two days of the show and comes down for the last two days.  This (unfortunately for him) leaves me with time to think!!  Once again this past show I was flooded and dealt with moving stuff to keep it from getting wet and then the mud.  The sides of the tents also end of being a mess and have to be cleaned after I get home.  I was thinking (uh oh) that there has to be a better way.  My neighboring vendors across from my booth are under a permanent booth, tin shed.  The chances of a booth opening up there are slim to none.  So, why not bring my own shed!  Thus the idea of a Sheep Shed was born AND LaVern can build ANYTHING.  As I was pondering all this, I gave it all over to the Lord and waited for confirmation.  We were at a slow point during the show when Ken and Nan (vendors across the way and good friends) asked me if I had seen this picture in their booth.  Now I have been in and out of their booth a zillion times and missed it.  They have had it at the show before.  I bought it on the spot.  Sorry my photo doesn't show it well but it is a herd of sheep and the person in the background sure appears to be a shepherdess.  It is a very old print and I found a signature at the bottom.  This is so interesting.  Artist's name was Joseph Farquharson who was born in 1846 in Scotland.  He had a prolific life as a painter and primarily painted sheep.  He even constructed a painting hut on wheels (Sheep Shed) that was complete with a stove and large glass window from which to observe the landscape.  My picture is called Leaving the Hills.  His paintings are now reproduced and sold.  Several years ago I saw one and bought it and hung it in my real estate office!  I had no idea this was the same artist when I saw this print.  The Sheep Shed is coming together and I am amazed at how it is all falling in place.  The perfect flatbed was found on Craigslist and we had the perfect doors and windows out in the barn.  I tell people that I ask God to send me an electric sign as I struggle with "is this my idea or His".  I think I received an electric sign on this one!  Sheep Shed................affirmed.

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