Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surprise in the wood box

Last Monday morning, early, LaVern calls me out to the porch where we have a big wood box that holds firewood during the winter months.  It sits empty now, well, almost.  One of our farm cats jumped in the box and had 5 baby kittens!   She is a dark colored cat and 2 babies are dark, 1 tiger striped and 2 orange ones!  I have no idea why she chose that place when we have a big barn with hay.  LaVern placed a board over one end to kind of seclude them.  Ocassionally I can hear them mewing when I have the door open. 
Trying to get back in to a routine since getting home from Sparks, KS.  Had a great show again but the weather wasn't the best.  Storms with rain each night and one early morning a downpour which left the east side of my booth ankle deep in water,  Ugh.  This happened last year also so it wasn't unexpected.  Really like the spot so don't want to move but we need a different plan for a booth.  We may have an idea and I'll keep you posted.  Don't want to give away too much just yet!  lol  I have been driving the Amish work crew every day since I got back so staying busy.  Hooking a few things and will try to post pictures of that.  I need to go out and shut the hens up for the night and check on the ponies.  LaVern is in to work tonight as he is stripping and waxing the kitchen floors and needs to do it when everyone is gone.  Don't think I'll be able to wait up as my eyes are trying to close now.  Been on a routine of getting up at 4 AM so by 9 I am ready for bed!  nite

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