Friday, September 28, 2012

Paring down

Just saw a news cast on NBC and Brian Williams was reporting the surge in paring down and living in less space.  They interviewed several people who have chosen to live in "tiny" spaces, about 300 sq ft and less.  It seemed as though Brian could not come to grasp with living in that small a space.  I would love to be in that space right now!  Everywhere we turn there are seductive voices urgin us to overspend. " Buy this!  You won't be complete unless you own this! " We each have to learn when enough is enough and in our own time.  I would rather enjoy what I already own.  Try not to buy anything for a week and see how simple you can make your life.  Take time to enjoy loved ones and God.  Take peace that only He can give.

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Martha Doe said...

You are a blessing! I need parring down. This time of the year it's too easy to get caught up in spending. Thanks for the inspiration!<3