Tuesday, October 2, 2012


People can make all kinds of plans, but only the Lord's plan will happen....Proverbs 19:21
This morning my plans were to drive the Amish crew to work, come home and get a load of wash out on the line, fill the wood boxes for this weekend (30's at night), run to town and fill the gas cans so we could finish mowing, hook on a rug in progress, etc. etc.  "My plans".  His plans:  drove the work crew as well as run a couple errands for them, arrive home and received another phone call to drive to Maryville, MO (about an hour 15 min away).  Took a teenage Amish girl, Wilma and her mother to the hospital.  Stayed while they ran tests, etc and Wilma had appendicitis.  They stayed and I came home.  Not sure if she went in to surgery yet this evening or it will happen tomorrow.  I dropped by and left word for her father.  He was unable to go.  Arrived home shortly after 7 pm.  Tomorrow?  Well, there is no certainly.  I can make plans but even good intentions and plans may change.  I'm going to embrace them!

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