Friday, December 5, 2008


Electronic mail. When I think back 14 years before I had email I just have to shake my head. Now look where we are. Blogs, our own websites, Facebook, and on and on. In the beginning everyone was expected to have an email address. Now we all have blogs and websites. Amazing. I still get lost in some of the web lingo. wdymbt? I remember taking shorthand in high school for heaven sake. This stuff doesn't resemble shorthand. We don't have the internet at home. No TV so no dish satellite for the web. No cable TV so no web. No land phone so no web. But that is okay too. This morning the coffee shop talk was about Ipods and Blackberries. If you weren't familiar with them I am sure the conversation would have sounded like strange plants. I have days when I am so happy to have this access. I love reading about my friends in Canada, my niece in Omaha, NE., people I've never met but share the same interests. But I could easily give it all up, live green and off the grid and be perfectly content. wdt?


Sherrie said...

I could do with out the internet... even though I blog... I COULD DO with out... I find myself missing a true handwritten letter... Where did those days go?

Larry Mack, CPL said...

In all honesty I am simply amazed at all the new technology out there, can I keep up with it? NO, do I even want to? NO, but it still amazes me to no end. To think of what this means to future generations is beyond belief for me. Is there an end to it all? I don't know, however, I am all for it. After all, Life keeps expanding and I feel it is wrong to stop it and make it hold still especially for simple reasons like "I don't Understand it, so it must be wrong", Sure, I like simple things and the past, But the future after all does not belong to me, it in fact belongs to our young. I guess it just shows us that we are getting older when we no longer understand what is going on. While I am still having difficulty programming my VCR they come out with a new thing called Blue Ray?? Blue Ray was a guy I knew in Jr High School that liked to hold his breath, Wonder what ever happened to him?

carolyn said...

You are a hoot, Larry!