Sunday, March 8, 2009

Preparing.....The solar test

We passed!! LaVern has been studying solar power for months now. When we went to the home show in Denver and he was talking to a "solar power guru" LaVern told him that we wanted to get down to 3 kw a day (I think that is 3000 watts). The guy told LaVern that was pretty agressive but we still thought it was something we could do. LaVern has been checking everything with a meter. So, one day last week we tried it. Now we have been using an average of about 20-25 kw a day, at least. But then, no regard to leaving lights on, etc etc. He shut the water heater off (since it is electric) and the corn/pellet stove as we wouldn't have that off grid but we used everything else as normal. In 24 hours we used less than 2 kw!!!! Amazing! He turned the stove and water heater on and in one hour we had used 5 kw! lol We have been making an effort not to use so much electricity and we are seeing the results. LaVern tracks our meter daily and we have slowly brought it down. Now we pay attention to not leaving lights on and what actually uses electricity. I have an old electric egg cooker for hard boiled eggs and it went in to the trash the other day. I have weeded out a box of electric appliances that I barely use once a year. Can't wait to be off grid some day. I know some of you think we are crazy but it is kind of like the "my vote won't count" theory. It does and we know we can make a difference for Mother Earth and be kinder.

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