Thursday, September 17, 2009

Squab...taking flight

Our baby doves, otherwise known as squabs, have taken flight and left the nest. Amazing! I guess that doves almost always lay 2 eggs and the incubation only takes two weeks. From there they are fledgings in 11-15 days! This is one of the squabs and he?she would rear up and puff out when we came to the door. We are assuming they have migrated. Dove's migration is from Sept thru Nov. The immatures move first followed by the adult females and then the adult males. They migrate during the day in flocks at low altitude. Some overwinter in the area however. LaVern just stopped by the office and saw I was blogging about our babies leaving the nest and he said we had a problem!??? He had cleaned off the light fixture and later when he went out he said the mother bird was back. He tried to shoo her away and she would NOT leave. I said "Uh Oh"..............doves can have 6 broods a year!!

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