Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sustainable Living Fair

Back home after a long weekend in Colorado. LaVern and I went to the 10th Annual Sustainable Living Fair in Ft. Collins. It was awesome! We went both Saturday and Sunday. They had over 75 free workshops both days and then LaVern went to 2 extended workshops, one on wind power and the other solar. I was able to sit in on a one hour talk by Frances Lappe, activist and author of "Diet for a Small Planet". Also a workshop on Organic pesticides and fertilizers which was terrific. Another was Introduction to Qi Gong. I'll have to blog that another time! The entire experience was humbling. It was exciting to see younger people there sharing our concerns for our planet and people. When this started ten years ago it was a one day event held at the CSU campus with about 500 people attending. Now it is a two day event held in a large open field and they were expecting 20,000 people this year. LaVern and I came away with affirmation that we are going in the right direction by focusing on renewable energy, organic and simple living.........even though we are starting a little late in life!

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