Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Haven't gotten to stop and see this yet. It is on my list to do. Just west of Omaha, NE. You can see it from the interstate. The entire building sides are all glass and it sits high up on a hill. Breath taking from the interstate so I can imagine what it is like up there. Maybe I'll get to see it this trip back. Leaving early tomorrow morning with two girlfriends. We will stop at our favorite shops in Lincoln and then head to Fremont, NE. Going to a rug hook-in on Friday. Then on to the farm that evening. Saturday we will take in the Covered Bridge Festival in Winterset, IA. they will head home on Sunday and I will stay another week with LaVern at the farm, working on the house. He is back there now. Will try to get in to Mt. Ayr and blog while back there. Chance of snow here while we are gone! Take joy.

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