Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Move

This is us..........upon arrival in Iowa. Don't you love the trailer? LaVern did a great job getting it ready to make the move. No windows in it yet so he just filled them in with plywood. Guess who got to pull this rig down the highway? You should have seen all of the "looks" I got from people! It was a hoot. Talk about a "redneck rig". LaVern is in Iowa now and I am in McCook. Mom just got out of the hospital so I am helping her until she is on her feet again. Busy, busy time.
The uhaul was a 26 footer and LaVern pulled our trailer behind it. Stuff. WAY too much!

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Carol said...

Stuff is right. We all have way too much. I dread the sorting and throwing or giving away. Just because of the time it takes. We will not have room for anything extra, which I think is good. Bless you and your Mom. Hope all is well.