Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This has been a week of tears. We made the big move over Thanksgiving and are back in Oberlin to finalize everything, loaded the trailer one more time and cleaned the buildings. Several people came by to say goodbye and tears were flowing. I hope they were all tears of joy! It got me to thinking about the tears and I wondered what was said about them in the bible. There are, I think, 697 references to tears, weeping, crying. Amazing. I had no idea. Alot of the tears mentioned in the bible were of grief and repentance. But then I am reminded that God is called "Comforter" for a reason. His motherly hand will wipe all the tears away. The tears will go away but I am not! It's all just geography, my friends. With this blog, email, cell phones.......I'm close by.
Take peace.


John and Carpl said...

John and I misss you already. Go with God and all his blessings. I know you will be working hard so stay healthy. We've been working on ours every day and it is coming along.So much to do and so little time. Go to John's blog (www.johnnybgood46.blogspot.com) John has been putting up pictures as we go. Love you both,
John and Carol

Carolyn said...

Missin you, too. But won't it be fun to come to each other's new places when they are finished? Can't wait. A campin we will go also. Keep bloggin. hugs